Top 10 Best Luxury Handbag Brands For Woman

No one heard a woman saying, “I have enough bags”

For years to come, the best designer bags for women will be the ones they wear and cherish.These woman handbag brands can be trend driven, but the truth is that they must be multifunctional and timeless. When a customer buys a luxury bag, It’s undisputedly a major investment. It can be hard to pick the favorite or make investment decisions when there are so many different luxury bag brands and designs out there.

Renowned woman handbag brands like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Hermès have established their handbags as triumphant symbols of style, offering an extensive range of designs and colours that cater to the preferences of both classic and contemporary fashion enthusiasts. It’s evident why these brands maintain their stronghold in the fashion realm over the years.

For not only events and occasions but everyday life has become a focal point for women to use some of the world’s best quality designer bags and purses produced by well known brands. It is therefore important to make the right decisions when buying expensive luxury handbags. 

What is a luxury bag brand worth after all, beyond the instantly recognizable logo?

While choosing well-known luxury names like Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Hermès is a dependable choice, a variety of emerging and established luxury handbag labels are now offering classic designs suitable for everyday use.

Consider picking the brand that you’re most fond of when shopping for a luxury designer purse. If you’re not sure of any favorite brand, read on to find out about the top 10 best luxurious handbag brands in the world so that it becomes easier for you to decide which bag will suit your style.

Hermè – Top brand for handbags

Known for its iconic Birkin and Kelly bags, Hermès is renowned for its craftsmanship, timeless designs, and use of high-quality materials.

The high quality leather goods that went back to its origins in 1837, were the reasons why Hermes could secure this position among top 10 luxury handbags that shoppers consider one of the world’s most discriminating. Before expanding to carry bags, accessories and clothing, it was a specialist in harnesses and bridles. For those seeking a piece of the past and fine leatherwork, Hermes is an excellent choice.Two of Hermes’ most renowned handbags are the Kelly, which pays homage to Grace Kelly, and the Birkin, named in honor of Jane Birkin.

Chanel – Luxury bag brand

Chanel is a symbol of beauty and luxury, famous for its quilted patterns, an interlocking C monogram or classic flap bags.

Chanel is the world famous luxury fashion brand that can’t be ignored in this list of best and most expensive designer bags. Chanel has been accompanying celebrities for decades to major award shows such as the Academy Awards, Golden Globes, Grammys, movie premieres and any important event in which fashion is being shown off.

A regular favorite among fashion’s finest is Chanel’s Classic flap purse in quilted leather.

Fendi – luxury bag brands

Recognized for its double F logo and playful designs, Fendi offers a range of innovative and stylish handbags.

Fendi is an esteemed Italian luxury bag brands fashion house. Mostly famous for its iconic baguette and B handbag designs. White lambskin, black crocodile leather and a number of other styles are also available for these fashionforward arm candy. The Fendi vintage jersey baguette shoulder bag will always be considered a staple handbag of the brand.

Louis Vuitton:

Renowned for its monogram print and LV logo, Louis Vuitton is a global luxury brand celebrated for its craftsmanship and distinctive designs.

The obvious reason why this international handbag brand, Louis Vuitton has been included on the list is that it is a classic brand beloved by all. Since its beginning in 1854, this French fashion house has long been a symbol of class and beauty. It was a brand that catered to everyone’s taste, from celebrities who frequently carried one of Louis Vuitton’s finest pieces at the Red carpet events. The Noé or the bucket bag are among the most popular. Clearly Louis Vuitton is the most expensive and finest handbag brand in the world. The Neverfull, the fashion brand’s popular large bag, is always a must have.

Marc Jacobs:

The brand offers a mix of classic and trendy styles, often featuring unique details and a contemporary edge.

American fashion designer Marc Jacobs began making his own line of accessories and was ranked among the world’s most famous designers after he had successfully served Louis Vuitton. In 80 countries around the world his company has expanded to over 200 retail outlets. If you are looking for something small to carry with you on your day’s runs, the Snapshot bag from that brand is perfect.

YSL Saint Laurent:

YSL is known for its sleek and sophisticated designs, including the iconic YSL monogram clutch and bold envelope bags.

Saint LaurentYSL, founded in 1961 in Paris, remains one of the most popular luxury brands in the elite group. It is known for its timeless handbag designs, which can be described as luxury unlike any other. According to the Vestiaire Collective rep, in 2022, Loulou shape was one of their best selling handbags and may be attributed to its adaptability.


Valentino’s handbags often showcase exquisite detailing and are recognized for their elegant, feminine, and sometimes edgy designs.

Valentino, top handbags brand, has also made its mark in the women’s handbag industry, too. The mere fact that a brand name appears on its labels has everyone and their mothers out in force to pick up all of its latest and most classic pieces.To suit the tastes of every fashionista, their luxury handbags come in neutrals and bright neon colours. Valentino rockstuds are a signature design element of all accessories.


Prada is recognized for its minimalist and sleek aesthetics, often featuring clean lines and understated elegance.

Prada is currently one of the famous names on luxury brand labels since it was founded by Mario Prada and his younger brother Martino in 1913 as a leather goods store. Their bags are believed to be top fashion accessories, with the Prada designs improving on a yearly basis. A worthy addition to any fashion collection is the standard nylon Prada shoulder bag.


Known for its bold and distinctive designs, Gucci’s handbags often feature the iconic GG logo and eclectic styles.

If you have a passion for bags with an older feel, then Gucci is your brand. What’s great about the label is that it always carries pieces from its beautiful times, such as the 1970s. classic designs, such as pastel colored leather, embroidery, and velvet, are often revived by the brand with modern features and details. It is suitable for people who’d like to wear fun retro clothes. For decades, bags such as the 1970s style Jackie hobo have been an icon of Gucci

Bottega Veneta:

Celebrated for its woven leather craftsmanship, Bottega Veneta offers a range of meticulously designed and luxurious handbags.

For the last few years, Daniel Lee and now Matthieu Blazy have led Bottega Veneta to a great deal of popularity. The best known style to invest in is the Intrecciato Weave of an Italian fashion house. Recently, Bottega Veneta has been on the rise in popularity as the best handbag brand to borrow from members.

There’s nothing quite like a best designer woman handbag when it comes to investing in clothes. Choose the right one, make sure it’s taken care of properly, and it’ll be the cornerstone of your wardrobe for the rest of your life. Or it could be something that’s passed on from generation to generation, or what you ultimately sell and make money off of.