A staple among fans of Chanel, the Chanel 19 bag was developed in March 2019 as a part of Karl Lagerfeld’s final collection. Its strong CC emblem and combined silver, gold, and ruthenium hardware give it a contemporary edge despite having a classic Chanel flap bag style.

Since the release of the Chanel 19, which we adore, everyone has been meaning to add this stunning piece to their collection. We consider the Chanel 19 to be a new-age classic from the House of Chanel since it combines timeless components with modern, edgy, and entertaining elements.


Lambskin; Small; Black, Gold-Tone, Silver-Tone; Material:

Price: £4,210 (Correct as of December 2021)


The relaxed version of the Classic Flap is the Chanel 19 bag! We adore that it has a softer, slouchier form that frees up motion. Comparatively speaking to other Chanel bags, this bag is useful because of its relaxed spacious style. It has a slouchy shape, a leather CC closure that interlocks, and three metal chains. It’s Chanel’s take on a daily bag that can hold necessities for the day.


We consider the bag to be the ideal fusion of classic Chanel design with contemporary 21st-century style. It is incredibly adaptable and may be carried as a top handle bag, cross body bag, or over the shoulder. This was quite beneficial to me because people enjoy being able to wear bags cross body. The Chanel 19 is more suited for a cross body bag because the Chanel Classic Flap chain is substantially shorter than the Chanel 19. We like having the option to wear the Chanel 19 as a comfy cross body bag if necessary, even though many individuals choose to carry their top handle Chanel 19.


The Chanel 19 has a ton of room; you can practically carry your daily necessities and extra! When compared to the price, the bag offers excellent value (in Chanel norms!). For instance, the Chanel 19 small has the same amount of room as the large classic flap, yet the two bags cost more than £2,500 more. For instance, the smaller Chanel 19, which costs £4,210, offers more space than the larger Chanel Classic Flap, which costs £7,140. Another thing to keep in mind regarding the Chanel 19 is that iPhone 13 Pro Max fits well in the back pocket because it spans the entire width of the bag. Even a book will fit inside! It’s really convenient to have a big rear pocket where you can simply tuck your phone away without having to open the bag itself. Although the Chanel Classic Flap has a back pocket as well, it is rather little and insufficient for either a book or an iPhone 13 Pro Max!


Caviar should be your first choice if you want a Chanel 19 bag small purse that will last for years. You can use it every day with confidence because it is a little thicker than lambskin and has a surface that is significantly more scratch- and water-resistant. 


Where do we begin? This bag is a winner because of all the little nuances. First off, because to its puffy appearance, it differs from most other Chanel bags. Many premium businesses were influenced by the 19 bag style to develop comparable products (like this YSL bag). Karl, however, was in the know as usual! See my whole list of advantages below:

This bag is ideal for daily use. This item is so adaptable because of its casual puffy design and slouch structure. This looks great with your favorite pair of jeans or a plain shirtdress and Golden Goose sneakers (We love this pair). But you may also wear it with heels and a playful dress. In all honesty, this looks nice with your joggers.

  • An area of the chain strap is reinforced with leather. This may seem foolish to some people. However, the extra leather on the strap will be a blessing given the size of the bags (especially the maxi). Even when the bag is totally filled, it provides a certain level of comfort.
  • It has a “wow” factor thanks to the hardware. Sure, you’re purchasing quality when you purchase a Chanel. However, you’re also spending money on a bag that people will see and notice. The combination of metals and the dual strap on the Chanel 19 flap bag make it stand out from the crowd.
  • The bag is useful, which is the best part! As we indicated before, this purse can serve as your go-to accessory because it matches anything you wear. But it’s also useful.
  • Other Chanel bags have restrictions on what can fit inside them. With the 19 bag, this is not the case. All of your necessities fit in the medium size. But the Chanel 19 big actually fits better (and the maxi fits the most).


The question that so many of you have been pondering is whether or not the Chanel 19 bag is worthwhile. Without a doubt, we would say yes! It’s a very useful and simple purse, and we believe the Chanel 19 bag is a timeless design that will endure for a very long time. Chanel bags are among the best designer bags to invest in because their prices often only increase.

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